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Click a title to see the description. All addons are sold for a single domain as installed only, we do not provide install files. Please open a ticket with your hosting information or include it in the optional notes upon ordering (last step) to expedite service.

Instantly duplicate PTC ads as needed.

Ad Duplicator Preview
This will update three pages in your admin panel already present, manage paid to click, manage paid to read and manage exchange sites.

The following updates and additions are included (see images as well)

Member earnings display at the top of manage links and paid to read

All fields displayed are now sortable

Target link displays before you click to view it (helps to protect your computer from known bad sites)

Show whether or not a link is active immediately

Show whether or not a link is for upgraded only immediately (helps prevent admin errors)

Display number of users with admin permission at the top of your site, click the link to instantly search for who has admin permission.

Admin Count

*Your script must not be encrypted for installation of this addon.
This captcha slices or distorts an image and requires members to slide the bar to put the image back together on both the login page and your cheat checks. You will also be able to set the amount ("cheat drop") to remove from a members balance for each cheat check fail helping to further insure members will not be able to cheat on your sites. This addon will work on all aurora scripts that are not encrypted, please contact prior to purchasing if you are unsure.
This addon prevents frame breaking sites from escaping your timer bar with an extra option for complete protection.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.
Idea behind this addon - Allowing owners to easily credit their entire site with bonuses or alternatively detract balances from suspended member accounts without the need for editing each individually. Coded on Aurora Coderz but will work on any script including encrypted scripts.

How it works -
1. Pick the member group - all, standard, upgraded or suspended
Balance Manager - Step 1

2. Pick the balance type - cash, points, credits, or tickets
Balance Manager - Step 2

3. Enter the amount - it will keep you from destroying your database with something other than numbers being entered as well as keep you from crediting an amount lower than accepted by the aurora database.
Balance Manager - Step 3
Balance Manager - Step 3

4. Choose if you are crediting balances or detracting from balances
Balance Manager - Step 4

5. Click "Go" and confirm your action - as long as there are no typos in your amount you will see a success message
Balance Manager - Step 5

6. Success message will be returned upon completion
Balance Manager - Step 6

7. The member group, amount and type will all record in site logs, along with the username that pressed the button in case of multiple admin
Balance Manager - Step 7
The biggest issue with current bot links is that they are all named the same thing on every site, making it easy for autoclick developers to program a plugin for your site avoiding bot links entirely. With this bot link every site can have unique bot links, the name being defined directly in the admin panel.

You have the options of resetting cash, point and credit balances as well as instant suspension. You can also have the site email you every time a bot link is clicked, sending you the username and IP address being used along with the site URL. The settings page will remind you whether or not you have surf all turned on. If you choose not to instantly suspend an account you will also have a list of members who have clicked the link with options to delete or suspend members.

Better Bot Link

Better Bot Link

Better Bot Link
Payouts are a vital part of any stable incentive based site, however the distribution of cash in any PTC site is not always fair, leaving some members able to request high payments in turn giving admin trouble paying other members. Also some members are able to reach payouts fast and create duplicate payment requests which is a problem for many owners, especially those without masspay enabled in their Paypal account for example.

This addon will give you the following options -

Maximum Cashout Per Request - With this option enabled, admin will be able to set the maximum amount all members can cashout in a single request. You can also define a members maximum amount per cashout per upgrade directly in each membership.

Time Based Cashout Limits With this option enabled admin will be able to set the number of cashouts allowed per member per reset time defined (daily, weekly, or monthly), custom options available per membership level directly in each membership.

Days Between Cashouts With this option enabled admin can now set days between payment requests in addition to the above mentioned reset, this number will define how many days must pass from their last payment date prior to being allowed to request a new payment. For example if a member may request twice a week you can also make 3 days pass prior to a second request being created.

Pending Requests Limit With this option enabled members will not be able to create another payment request until their previous payment has been cleared.

With this addon you can set it so that individual members cannot cashout with any message you choose to be shown to them as the reason. Can be a good time saver for sites which require a verification purchase for certain countries, allow certain members to only redeem for ads, want to block a cheater without changing system wide settings or even just want to tell a member to fill in their full name etc. This will work with other payment request modifications installed, no previous addons will be lost. By default all members will be able to cashout, can be modified to fit each sites needs however.

Admin View

Member view when attempting to cashout.
With this addon your website will automatically email you instantly every time there is a payment request and again if the same request is later canceled. You can define which payment processors will notify you directly in withdraw options. In the email sent you will be shown the username, the amount requested, and the site name in case of multi-site owners.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.
Idea behind this addon

Cheaters are a problem in every ptc site. Each day they invent new methods and most of current protection methods are lacking... This addon idea is based on not allowing cheaters to try new attempts each day, with currently available features in your site the addon will add a new block feature, protecting both your site and your advertisers credits.

How does it work?

1 - In admin panel you will have option to enable or disable the blocks, and set the block limit for each section based on upgrade status.

2 - Block for PTC and PTR is based on number of failed daily cheat check questions answers, For PTSU it is based on TOTAL lifetime number of denied PTSUs for the member.

3- PTC and PTR blocks reset daily, the PTSU block is permanent, the blocked member will need to contact admin to gain access back to PTSU section as admin can reset the number of fails manually.

4- Premium members have different limits than standard members which can be set in the mod settings as seen in the images.

About the addon

1 - Addon developed on SDR 3 script, but it will work on ALL aurora based sites as long as none of the related files are encrypted.
2 - Comes installed only, no install files will be given, price is for 1 domain. Multiple domain discounts available - contact for details.
3 - There is a $5 fee for installing on non cpanel hosting.
4 - Extra sections can be added to block list upon request, there is a $5 per section fee for any outside of those listed above.
Your script must not be encrypted for this addon to be installed. Cheater protection works in three parts, protecting your site from three different types of common cheaters.

First you will be given the option to deny cashout requests entirely to all members who have more denied PTSU than approved PTSU, this not only keeps you from having to watch for PTSU cheaters it also encourages members to be honest as they will not be able to withdraw until they are.

Country change protection keeps members who have joined from one country and last logged in from another from being able to cashout, example if a member joins with an IP from China and later uses a proxy to try to cash out as from the United States he will be given an error message and his payout request will not be sent. For sites that have been online a while a signup country adder tool will be provided. You will also be able to change a member's country in admin in case of honest mistakes.

Paid to Promote protection requires members to get a set number of direct referrals per a set number of valid PTP hits, both of which are admin settings. If a member does not have the number of referrals in the amount of hits you specify they will not be able to cash out.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.
In the admin panel you will have new options -

A- Grid settings It includes Choosing Grid name, Timer of ads for standard and upgraded members, Daily prize limit (the total cash the site will give away in prizes per day), maintenance mode, Setting prizes, Earning chances, Grid prices on daily level

Clix Grid Settings

B- Grid Links From this page you will see all available grid ads , Their status , End time , Total clicks
Clix Grid

C- Purchase Grid Link From this page members will be able to purchase a new grid link
Clix Grid

In members side, Members will be able to see grid, Click ads, See winners and top winners, Plus their winnings, clicks status and advertise button.
Clix Grid

Sold as installed only for 1 domain. Addon is not compatible with the GEM script.
This addon allows you to quickly see where credits are in your website, especially helpful for older sites. Built on Aurora Coderz but will work for any script, including encrypted versions.

With this addon you will be able to give members a bonus just for logging in each day of cash, points, advertising, or all of the above. Each day members will be notified of exactly what bonus they received by email with the option to turn it on and off in their profile directly. You can also set bonuses by each membership level, helping motivate members to upgrade.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.
This addon lets you choose who you are emailing whether it's everyone, a single user, upgraded members or a specified upgrade type (Gold, Silver, etc)

Defined Emails

Defined Emails
Integrates Google's newest spam protection to your login page.


Changes leaderboard to true direct referral stats as well as lifetime top clickers, surfers and promoters with this mod

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Find members using proxies, VPN and more advanced forms of IP and multiple account abuse with ease when you install this addon. With each log in (after the addon has been installed, previous log in data is not available) your site will now record the date, username, country and IP used for login, all fields showing can be searched by providing you a quick way of finding cheaters. An option will also be added to allow you to clear all records older than a date you define, preventing stored data from taking too much database space while still allowing you flexibility in tracking a member.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.

Instantly credit all ads for any specified member or you can also use this addon to give current advertisers bonus credits at will. This tool logs all credits given directly in site logs along with the username of the person who credited the ads.

Mass Crediting

Site logs

With this addon you can define what member information you see on the new member overview page via a settings page and then choose from several actions to perform on the selected accounts including turning off email, resetting balances and more.

Both reset buttons will record the cash and points they remove from member accounts in the members notes in case of admin error along with the username who pressed the reset button (in this case 'admin'), the time the account was reset and the members last recorded click at the time of resetting.

The page includes settings for several of our other available addons, do not turn them on if the corresponding addon is not installed on your site, the addons for the additional settings are not included with the Member Actions page addon.

Members overview page
Main page.

Settings Page
Member Actions Settings

Additional Settings
Member Actions Addon Settings

"Reset All" button Account Notes
Member Actions Record
This addon will allow you to set extra ads for the membership you select so only the selected membership will be able to earn from the ad. Built for the PTC click section of your aurora based website however this addon can be modified for any ad section - contact for customizations.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.
PTP approval output will automatically display your aurora ptc site's ptp approved list.

Sold as installed, price for 1 domain only, for multiple site discounts contact.
1 - In addon Settings you will be able to set the following

* Contest is enabled or disabled

* Contest duration [ Daily, Weekly, Monthly ]

* Number of winners [ Between 1 to 5 winners ]

* List of participants

* Minimum hits members must get to participate in the contest

* Prizes, Either cash, credits, etc. for each winner

2 - Contest Logs - This will record list of all previous contest winners, it will show the following

* Winner username

* Winner position

* Winner prize

* Winner valid hits which made him win in the contest

3 - Option for manual stats reset - This will set all members contest ptp hits to 0, So you can start a fresh contest

4 - In case there's a member who cheats in contest or send fake hits, has been given the option to exclude individual members from the contest, so no matter how many hits he/she sends, they wont be counted in the contest. Plus option to edit the hits of the user in case some hits were fake or not counted.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.
Fully organize your PTC websites, record your payouts and manage your downlines coming from your member base with the refback addon. Seven default categories include featured sites, sites, commission only, pending sites, no refback sites, watchlist sites and scam sites.

Members are able to submit claims.

Members are able to set a referral claim to inactive.

Ability to exclude member from refback program directly in edit user.

Admin picks a site to load and then manually credits each active member via credit members page.

Options to record total earnings and total click count for each active member for ease of crediting.

Fully integrated addon - updates site stats and member's daily earnings accordingly.

Sold as installed only, licensed for 1 domain.

Due to number of pages to be edited we will ONLY install this addon using cPanel hosting.

Must have Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2 or higher for compatibility
This splash page automatically populates from the programs in your referral (downline) builder while maintaining your overall site design.

Main splash page limited to 10 programs showing, visitors can choose to view all or view by categories at which time the limit will life displaying all programs included in the category.

Programs are sorted by title.

Members are still paid regular PTP earnings as if they were promoting the home page.

If a member has not filled in their affiliate ID the default IDs will populate the page.

A banner must be included when creating the referral builder program in admin or the program will not show on this page.

Splash page link will be included on the banners page under the normal referral link.

Compatible only with Aurora Coderz Deluxe scripts.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.
Advertising your website in hope of gaining new members? Is the cost adding up fast? Need to know just who is converting for you? With this addon each time a member joins your site it will tell you what domain referred the user as well as allow you to search by domain directly in the manage members page resulting in cost effective advertising.

* Please note members who joined before installing the addon, or came directly or through direct links from places like yahoo chat, msn or similar will show the referring site as 'Unknown'
Integrate Solvemedia to your Aurora scripted website with this addon. Keys are controlled directly in admin, no coding skills required on your part.

Update the look of your store entirely with this addon, includes membership and specials page. Colors will be made to match your websites design.

Store Style Update

Store Style Update

Store Style Update

Reason For Making This Addon
- One of the biggest problems in aurora sites that members don't view sites well and move to the next ad, this makes advertisers don't get good results so they move to another site and so on

How Does It Work?
- Now the timer will start only after the advertised page is fully loaded, it wont work if member stopped navigation from browser menu for example, the ad must fully load first, then timer will start.

- If a site does not load within 3 seconds the time will start, this time can be adjusted based on each sites needs.

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