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The following have been added from the standard AuroraGPT 4.0.8

Aurora Coderz Basic Patch 1 - September 13, 2014
- Fixed fees in withdraw options from admin panel and members side
- Fixed ptsu approval method to include admin approval and advertisers approval

Aurora Coderz Basic - August 28, 2014
- Security fixes added
- Script updated to work on php 5.4
- Members can no longer see their own ptc ads, ptr ads, ptsu ads.
- If logged in members will not see their own banners, featured banners, feautred ads or feautred text links.
- Earn page updated so members do not see their own ads as available ads.
- Advertising sign up bonuses added.
- Made banners show in paid links.
- Fixed dates in featured links and edit featured links.
- Fixed stats page and added total account fund income to stats.
- Added default dynamic stats banner.
- Added default 3 column template (auroracoderz).
- Fixed several small errors in admin, updated the style and added usability enhancements.
- Fixed aboutus.php to display properly and linked to it in the auroracoderz template.
- Admin can now edit members gender in the member overview.
- Fixed the table in buyreferrals.php so it quit breaking templates and the title to read Purchase Referrals rather than Purchase Advertising.
- Removed refapi link from downline.php.
- Leaderboard table fixed to stop breaking templates.
- Ptp approved list problems fixed.
- Captcha now shows in join page.
- Login page restructured for better performance.
- Users countries automatically update up on each successful login.
- Emailer classes updated to work with php 5.4
- Old dead payment processors removed now 3 active payment processors are paypal , payza , skrill plus account funds
- Owners can edit or delete news from admin panel now
- Default template will load automatically if template is empty in admin area

Installation requires a hosted domain, script sold as installed only - no install files will be provided.
License is lifetime and is good for 1 domain.

The only fully secured AuroraGPT script!

Includes installation. License is good for 1 domain.
To view the demo visit
Username: admin
Password: admin

A few new features:

- Bitcoin integration including withdraw option and setting to show dollar to bitcoin amount in pending requests. Integration uses so you will need a wallet there.
- Google reCaptcha integrated in join page, login page, contact page and cheat check page for better bot protection.
- Free signup bonus membership option (admin > members > member settings).
- Cash and point referrer bonuses (admin > members > member settings).
- ClixGrid and integrated forum included.
- Optional free members commissions.

View the full feature list here

Processors now supported by default:
PayPal - Payza - Bitcoin - SolidTrustPay - PerfectMoney - OkPay - Skrill

Just the savings from the addons you would need to buy with any other Aurora script will cover the cost of AuroraCoderz Deluxe entirely:
ClixGrid: $20
Integrated Forum: $20
Cashout Denier: $10
Referring URL: $5
Admin checklist: $10
Better Bot Link: $12.50
Defined Emails: $10
Google Recaptcha Integration: $10
Member Actions: $12.50
Message Manager: $10
PTP Approval Output: $6
Store Style Update: $25
Modern Profile Design: $15

A total value of $166 in our best selling addons are included by default - not to mention all the things we haven't released as addons and have only included in this release.

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